Erik Skogquist Highlights What You Need to Know When it Comes to Old Home Restorations

Erik Skogquist is a local history buff in Anoka with a passion for community and volunteerism. He is a member of the Anoka City Council and the Anoka County Historical Society. He studied political science and urban studies at the University of Minnesota before returning to Anoka to start a family with his wife, Amanda. Now, with two young boys, he enjoys renovating his family home in his spare time.

A number of years ago, Erik Skogquist and his wife invested in an old home from the 1880s and moved the structure from one lot down the street to another. Every year, he takes on new projects to make the house a wonderful single-family home with all the creature comforts his family needs combined with the old-world charm he so enjoys.

Renovating an old home can be a big project. That’s why it’s important to know these four things when it comes to old home restorations, according to Skogquist:

Understand What You’re Signing Up For

Look Out for Water Damage

Use Quality Materials

Keeping Restoration Authentic


Erik Skogquist currently works on the City Council of Anoka, Minnesota |

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